Does Temperature Affect Home Sales Volume and Price?

Verdant landscape, lush greeneries, colorful petals in bloom, waltzing pollens in the air, rolling streams of water, birds’ and insects’ symphony and cacophony…nature’s reverie when the days are longer and the nights, shorter.

A study of human behavior signifying mood changes as the weather changes is noted in Winter Blues and Weather can Change your Mood by Dr. John Grohol.

Grohol refers to the link and relationship as Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD). Ironically, the clinical acronym of the disorder depicts the disorder’s characteristic itself. According to him, this is a common affliction among the people in the northern climate.

Does this explain why real estate market shows weaker performance as the temperature drops in Connecticut?

The meandering flowed simultaneously with the sights of barren trees and blanket of brown leaves on the ground. Such is a picture of melancholic scenery.

The theory or postulation by Gohol prompted me to establish the correlation between the weather and home sales.

Below is the statistics as reported and published by Connecticut Multiple Listing Services (CTMLS).

Source: CTMLS, Inc. 2011-2012,

The data above show that the second and third quarter of the year 2011 and 2012 performed better in terms of median price and volume compared to the first and last quarter of the corresponding year for single family residential homes. However, condo’s  data showed different pattern..

Perhaps, the buyers’ and sellers’ motivation could have been diminished due to many encumbrances that come with the cold weather… which could predispose some of them into delaying the intent of moving until the advent of spring.

For the rest of them, it is come cold and hot weather.


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