When the Dog chased the Cat, We have Manchester Firemen and Policemen to the Rescue

A face that could “Launch a Thousand Treats.” But when he got loose, a cat named Tinkerbell ran for her life when the raging doberman ran after her. 

The poor cat took refuge in one of the tallest trees behind the burned houses which were still awaiting salvation from the insurance companies. Tinkerbell’s  frantic owner banged my entry door heavily to break the news about the dismal incident. My heart pounded hard for my baby as any mother would for a lost son. I yelled hard to call my dog several times. I was relieved when I saw  the majestic creature running towards me.

After securing him inside the house, my nervous neighbor and I walked towards Tinkerbell’s asylum to check out her situation. The cat was resting in one of the branches probably 28 feet from the ground. It was the survival instinct that kicked in. 

The problem was how could we bring Tinkerbell back to her mama’s arms. It became my problem too. Why wouldn’t it be? It was my dog which chased the cat away. 

Tinkerbell’s mom was distraught and exhausted after numerous pleadings to make her come down. But we both have to leave the scene because work was calling us. We hoped that she would eventually calm down and come home. 

But hours passed and the feline was still lounged on the same spot where we left her earlier. The dusk will befall in four hours. My neighbor had already called the Animal Human Society but the organization told her that it no longer rescues cats stuck on a tree.

One of the subcontractors who was working on rehabbing the burned house tried to appease the cat’s owner with his reassuring question, “Have you seen a cat’s skeleton on a tree?”

Tears were welling up from Tinkerbell’s mom’s eyes. But I could not reprimand my doberman. Dogs chase cats. It is the canine’s natural instinct–“prey drive.”

Her heart-wrenching anguish prompted me to call the Manchester Police Department. Followed up by a call to the Fire Department.

Although I was told that this situation was outside of the police department’s area of responsibility, two cops showed up within ten minutes. The response time was applaudable. But as expected, there was nothing they can do about it.



We have Firemen to the RESCUE


Because of the unevenness and steepness of the ground, the supervisor could not risk his man’s safety by using a ladder to fetch the cat.

As their rescue operation, they fired the hose over the top where Tinkerbell was motionlessly sitting hoping that the gushing water would scare the cat and forced her to come down. But the efforts were not succesful. Tinkerbell climbed higher which compelled the firemen to stop. 

The supervisor said to Tinkerbell’s forlorn mom that eventually, the cat would go home because of hunger and thirst.

After three days, Tinkerbell was gone. The mom believed that she could have fallen down from the tree and her body must be lifelessly lying among the bushes from the steep cavity behind the cat’s tree sanctuary.

My son comforted my neighbor by saying that Tinkerbell is alive. “She must be loitering in the neighborhood because she is still traumatized to come home because of the encounter with the doberman.” 

On that same day, we have to leave for a three-day vacation. My dogs, of course, came along.

I could only emphatize with Tinkerbell’s mother and relentlessly warn my son not to ever forget to close the yard fence to avoid this incident to happen again. 

While pulling back from the driveway, I glanced back at the sad face staring blankly at the direction where the tree was standing tall.

Three days passed and as I was driving through the driveway, my heart skipped in joy as I saw the black cat promenading in my neighbor’s walkway. I excitedly told my son, “Look, look, it is Tinkerbell.”

With the dogs inside the car, Tinkerbell knew better what to do. 

Despite the trauma and the chaos ushered in by the primitive instinct between the dog and the cat, Tinkerbell is back home to her mother’s loving arms.

The Manchester Policemen and Firemen may not have helped in bringing Tinkerbell back home. But rest assured, you can count on them.


About Maria Gilda Racelis

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