The Power of the Delete Button

Our wiser folks instilled in us to bite our tongue and think twice before you say something. “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.” These words of wisdom are not intended to curtail your freedom of speech. They are handed down to us through the passage of time to evade personal attacks. It is also called yellow character assassination.

Just today, a professional posted a comment to my blogs ” You can attract more bees with honey than vinegar” and “The Don’ts in applying for a Mortgage.” 

I would like to thank him for reading my blogs and for the attention. 

However, he, an English professor, as he professed and a real estate agent, almost empirically stated that honey does not attract bees and that I should not use Don’ts because it is grammatically incorrect.

First of all, Mr. Professor and Real Estate Agent, I did not write a scientific study about bees and their relationship to honey. This is an expression, adage, cliche or idiomatic expression. We don’t provide conclusion or theories to prove its validity. Can you provide scientific explanation too to the adage “A Bird in the Hand is Better than Two in the Bush?”

After an honest day’s work and toil, my sore muscles and seemingly numb limbs would repulse an aggravation as piddling as this one. Why? To quote a writer”

 “I’m an author and dislike the everchanging rules of grammar as much as anyone else does. Grammar was invented to facilitate communication, especially written communication when voice inflection cannot be heard. However, I write serious novels, as opposed to trashy stories, and my readers don’t care about grammar rules (for the most part) when abiding by them makes reading difficult or awkward. The last thing I want to do in the middle of an engaging paragraph is jolt my readers from the mood I’ve (hopefully) lured them into just to satisfy some arbitrary grammar rule.  I wouldn’t consider writing do’s and don’t’s or dos and don’ts. I write do’s and don’ts and that’s that, so to speak. I’ve never had a single complaint about my use of grammar, let alone a book returned yet.

So to appease the eruption of anger like a volcano ready to expel lava brewing inside a fiery cavity, I opted for the delete button.



About Maria Gilda Racelis

I am a full-time realtor and a no-nonsense individual when it comes to rendering services to my clients. I take my job and the responsibility it entails seriously. My clients come first. I ensure that they know and feel I am working for their best interest. However, I do not carry out tasks to compromise my principle. I conduct my business with pride, honesty and integrity. I will do whatever it takes to meet their goals while adhering to my principle. "And the connection I make with the clients throughout the process, that to me is how I define success." Buying and selling homes can be very stressful. It is my job to make the process easy and fun as can possibly be for my clients. I take personal gratification from the smile on the faces of highly satisfied clients. I have amassed 100% positive and rewarding testimonials from my clients after many years of experience in real estate business. To enhance competency in the field for my clients' benefit, I continually seek to further my knowledge and expertise. With this in mind, I hold the following designations and expect to add more as the need for them arise. If you are looking to work with a competent professional realtor who will put the best foot forward for your best interest, you have just read her profile. I am always available to listen to your concerns and questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.
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