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Remembrance of the Past

ANAMNESIS: The collection or remembrance of the past.  As we wait for the clock to ring in 2012, poking our cerebral cortex to reminisce the good and the bad times which transpired in our lives in 2011 gives us a … Continue reading

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Clinton Connecticut is the Ideal Spot for Shopping Aficionados.

    Shopping is the Girls’ Best friend aside from dogs. In Clinton Connecticut, you are in for a treat as Clinton Crossing boasts of 70 Premium Outlets.  Here, you can find deals from designers housed by Saks 5th Avenue and … Continue reading

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I Would No Longer Ask You to ADD Me.

An Article I read today had me retrospect on one of my boldest (to borrow Lisa Dunham’s word) attempt to increase my association numbers in such a short time. I was a tangible AR greenhorn when I homogenized the FB platform … Continue reading

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Smarter Agent. Is it your Route to Appward Mobility?

Mobile Technology is changing so fast and a company called SMARTER AGENT is deploying gamut of advertising techniques proselytizing the indespensability of being mobile.  I would not argue with the reasons provided by the source. What I am concerned about … Continue reading

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Sticky and Catchy Tagline, My Buyer’s Hero

If you don’t have a tagline yet, think of something that sticks and catches attention. Let me tell you a story where my tagline served as a saving grace for my buyer and myself. But first, what would you make … Continue reading

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Goodness: Stop Working. It is Holiday

When I posted a listing on my Facebook yesterday, one of my closest friend chimed in by reminding me affectionately that it is Holiday and work should take a back seat at least for a day. Of course, she was … Continue reading

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When it Rains, It Pours

When it rains it pours. Okay, I may be exaggerating but getting referrals in a week in this market from one source was a downpour. If Active Rain is not in your spinning plates, you better put it now.     … Continue reading

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