Black Friday — A Trip Back to the Dark Ages

Like a battalion sans cadence, the deal and bargain hunters marched forward to the front of the stores. There, they patiently kept vigil until the clock struck 12:00 AM on Black Friday. In some parts of the country, you would see rejoicing faces for the finds they brought home for the family. Their happy faces proudly gazed at the items they were able to grab at amazing bargain prices. 

However, there were reports that the Black Friday has gone ugly and unruly. A fist fight broke in and some shoppers were hit by a pepper spray. A policeman had to show off his taser to control the overly-anxious, super-excited and ultra-motivated buyers.

The news flashed the claustrophobic and chaotic scenes yesterday and this morning. Why did the Black Friday turned into a bullpen full of Neanderthals? The crowds imitated the primitive men stripped of social manners and grace. 

If the tight enomic conditions triggered the small-scale anomie in the stores, imagine the anarchy that rising lay offs and homelessness could spew if remains unchecked and uncorrected. Heaven must not forsake us.


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One Response to Black Friday — A Trip Back to the Dark Ages

  1. Great blog and so very true, everybody seem to lose social grace on Black Friday. Very well written


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